It’s You I Like – sample tracks

by Kari Thomas Kovick


01 - Howdjadoo

by Woody Guthrie | performed by Kari

02 - I Can Listen to Myself

by Anna Lee Scully | performed by Kari

03 - The Bear Missed the Train

by Smith Street Society Jazz Band | performed by Kari

The Bear Missed the Train - Fun Song Fact!

In the beginning of this song, there is an instrument that sounds like it is a playful walking bear. When I hear it, it makes me want to get down on all fours, and pretend that I am really big and heavy. Can you guess what instrument plays the part of the bear? (Hint: It is a kind of horn, and it is used a lot in klezmer music. But this one is made to sound especially deep.)

Check out this video to see!

I'm Not Scared - Fun Song Fact!

This song was written by one of my favorite songwriters of all time. His name was Bob Blue, and besides writing great songs for children and adults, he taught 2nd grade in Massachusetts for many years. I knew him through the Children’s Music Network, which he help start. My first workshop with him, and the wonderful songs we shared in it, are what inspired me to build a life around children’s music. In his later years, Bob developed a disease called multiple sclerosis, which made it hard for him to walk, move, and write. But he still kept creating songs for a very long time by pecking them out with one finger on his keyboard. You can read more about his remarkable life and great big heart at this website:

05 - I Wish My Daddy Was Here

by Kari Thomas Kovick | performed by Kari

06 - Red, Yellow, Orange, Brown

by Patty Gille | performed by Kari

07 - Two Little Blackbirds

by traditional, with new verses by Kari Thomas Kovick | performed by Kari

09 - What a Mess

by Kathleen Hannan | performed by Kari

10 - On and On

by Kari Thomas Kovick | performed by Kari

11 - It's Not My Fault!

by Kari Thomas Kovick | performed by Kari

12 - It's You I Like

by Fred Rogers | performed by Kari

13 - Walkin' in the Woods

by Tom Hunter | performed by Kari

14 - When I Feel Mad

by Bonnie Lockhart | performed by Kari

15 - I Did It Myself

by Kathy Hirsh-Pasek and Mona Goldman Zakheim | performed by Kari

16 - So Many Ways to Be Smart

by Stuart Stotts | performed by Kari

So Many Ways to be Smart - Fun Song Fact!

Can you guess what types of horns are playing in this song? Hint: look at the picture on this page. See Drew and Chris in the studio with me? They were playing on this song!





Alto saxophone and trumpet!

17 - Breathing and Counting (Intro to Calm Down)

by Kari Thomas Kovick | performed by Kari

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